Poem on daughters


Poem on daughter . Betiyon par kavita . Betiyon ki shadi par kavita

Poem :
Aakhir kis ne ye dharm bnaya hai ?

Main puchu kis ne ye dharma banaya hai ?
Beti ko hi kyu aakhir
paraya dhan btaya hai ?

Iss ghar ki janmi devi ko
Uss ghar ki lakshmi kehlvaya hai
Uss pita ko hi kyu aakhir
Itna daani bnaya hai ?

Uss ghar m jaa kr to
Vo vese hi anjaan thi
Aaj apne peehar m bhi use
Kyu aakhir mehmaan btaya hai ?

Dhol nagade bjake
Use khoob sjaya hai
Fir kyu vida kar
Use aaj khud hi rulaya hai ?

Main puchu kis ne ye dharma banaya hai ?
Beti ko hi kyu aakhir juda karaya hai ?

– Rishika Sharma

 I feel why such tradition was made ? Who made this custom and traditions only for girls and why ?
If men and women are equal , then why only she have to leave her house ?
How tough it is to leave such a place and get adjusted somewhere else.
Boys and girls are equally attached to their parents , have same type of feelings , and had to get married after certain age , but why only girls are made to abandon her parents ?

After marriage , a girl is considered as a guest in her own house . She sacrifice everything and gets adjusted in new place with new people . But most of the people don’t value that sacrifice.

How bad it feels , when one has to ask someone else to meet her own parents . But who understands that because its “culture ” .

The Reality 

In the orthodox Indian families , son is meant to take care of his parents , but daughters are not . They are meant for serving her in-laws . For what ? Is there any rule that a girl can’t take care of her parents ? If a boy takes care of his in-laws or live with them after marriage , in Indian society, he gets insulted and gets no respect .

A girl living with her in-laws is a custom and a boy living with his in-laws is shameless !!!??? Wow 👏!!!!!!

Reason Behind It

In earlier times , there was no concept of gender equality . Women were not allowed to work and become independent . So they were considered burden on their families and were married to a man who meant to protect her . As the women were not allowed to work , they were not contributing financially to the family , so men had all the powers and his family dominated her . This made women inferior to men

But, now the situation has changed . In this modern era , girls are working . They are able to make their own decisions . Women are so strong and independent that they can support themselves as well as their parents too . Every girl stand equal to men in every field .

Society says , that women are equal to men but follow these odd traditions . Girls are working so hard and doing so well in all the sectors, but still society defame her and her family when girls give financial support to their own parents . Why ??

We have seen this custom from our childhood and feel that it’s correct because our elders told us so . It might have evolved because of girl’s easy adaptability and her dependence on male . So everyone accepted it , even the girls .
But now if we try to speak against it , we are not allowed on the name of our culture, traditions and values .

My Views

I’m not against the culture. I’m against the inequality in this culture. If a boy can live with his parents and can take care of them , then why can’t girls ?

I don’t appreciate a girl leaving her parents for someone else or a boy leaving his parents . This is totally wrong . It’s totally wrong .

If both are getting married , are sharing bonds and responsibilities , then its their choice to decide with whom they want to live , either with girl’s family or with boy’s family or separately .

Now, in this advanced world where women are working equally , this custom make no sense . Its not about gender , but its about financial and physical conditions of the family . If a family needs support , either girl’s or boy’s , the couple should live with with them and support them . It’s not shameful if a boy is living with his in-laws after marriage . If a girl can , why can’t boys ? They are equal , then they have equal responsibilities too towards both of the families .

The traditions, culture and values which we follow are mostly based on our upbringing and the society around us. But, its our duty to bring a change around us. At the end, its upon us how we want to mend our future and how we have to frame mindset of our children and our parents. You can observe changes brought to culture, traditions by efforts of coming generations like you must have observed people going for 1-2 child or marrying at a age of 26-28. With time, these traditions, culture have to bring a positive changes according to the modern customs. You can’t be just modern from your clothes or lifestyle. You have to be modern from your mindset and values too.


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